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PLymouth Power Boat - RYA Training Centre, RIB and motorboat charter PLymouth Power Boat - RYA Training Centre, RIB and motorboat charter PLymouth Power Boat - RYA Training Centre, RIB and motorboat charter PLymouth Power Boat - RYA Training Centre, RIB and motorboat charter


PLymouth Power Boat - RYA Training Centre, RIB and motorboat charter PLymouth Power Boat - RYA Training Centre, RIB and motorboat charter

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PLymouth Power Boat - RYA Training Centre, RIB and motorboat charter PLymouth Power Boat - RYA Training Centre, RIB and motorboat charter PLymouth Power Boat - RYA Training Centre, RIB and motorboat charter PLymouth Power Boat - RYA Training Centre, RIB and motorboat charter

“I felt we had the best instruction & had a great day!”

Suzanna Rodriguez – 06/09/16

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Testimonials from our customers

(Please feel free to ask to see the testimonials when you visit the school)

“Very good course and instructor.”

Chris – 18/09/16

“Enjoyed going up the Yealm River.”

David – 18/09/16

“Good knowledgable instructor.”

Paul – 18/09/16

“I felt we had the best instruction & had a great day!”

Suzanna Rodriguez – 06/09/16

“Thank you for your excellent delivery of the RYA VHF Radio Course today.  I found it to be most enjoyable and, combined with course pre-reading, I have learnt a great deal and feel very confident in the use of the new skills given to me by the course.  The whole day was very relaxed making it an ideal environment in which to learn and ultimately confident in taking the end of course assessment leading to my successful qualification.  I found all of the staff at the Plymouth Powerboat School to be friendly, professional and courteous throughout the day and  once again offer my most sincere thanks.”

Malcolm – 01/09/16

“No suggestions. Course was highly enjoyable and very worth while.”

Claire – 03/08/16

“Course was a very good 2 day course.”

Jasen – 03/08/16

“Polite and welcoming staff. Very patient and knowledgeable instructor, would thoroughly recommend them to anyone. Learnt an awful lot, thanks.”

Martin – 25/07/16

“Thanks Luke, I actually enjoyed the course very much and learnt a lot despite you apologising about the fact it was a bit power pointy. It was very good to use actual radio sets and you took out the awkwardness of using them, I never normally know what to say and I now understand the reason for the structured script expected when using the radio.”

Mike – 22/07/16

“Thanks. A very informative and enjoyable course.”

Matthew – 15/07/16

“Great course. Really enjoyed. Thank you.”

Sarah – 15/07/16

“Great course. Really enjoyed. Would recommend. Liked Will. He was a good teacher. Thank you.”

Paul – 10/07/16

“Professional and very informative staff!”

Antoine – 23/06/16

“ A very enjoyable course that included all members of the course. Thank you”

Mick – 14/8/15

“Fantastic had a great couple of days and instructors are brilliant / patient”

Sam – 05/08/2015

“Well structure, well-paced at the relevant level”

James – 18/07/15

“Great course, great instructor, very patient”

Max – 23-06-2015

“Can’t think of anything to improve. Excellent course, great guys, put at ease and informative”

Darren – 16-07-2015

“No suggestions. Great place, strong/confident instruction but with great banter”

-Karen – 16-07-2015

“I don’t think we could have had a better tutor than Luke. And his instructions were simple and so easy to understand. Weather was beautiful”

Neil – 30-06-2015

“Brilliant few days. Loved it and feel confident now. Many thanks.”

Sharon – 30-06-2015

“Great course. So much to cover, well instructed, many thanks”

Justin – 25-06-2015

“Very Good course exactly what I needed to progress. Good Weather!”

Stuart – 5-07-2015

“Really good course, great fun!!”

Georgia – 21-06-15

“I would recommend John to anyone! He was great”

Alison – 21-6-2015

“A great guy and a very enjoyable course”

Simon – 21-6-15

“Great two days, can’t wait to come back for another course”

Sarah – 12-6-15

“Brilliant 2 days. Loved every minute of it, thanks Luke. I will be back! Great teaching, nice balance between fun and knowledge”

Phil – 12-6-15

“A fascinating and comprehensive course which will prove to be invaluable and broaden my boating parameters. Thank you”

Justin – 5-6-15

“Excellent course and tuition”

Laurence – 07-6-15

“Luke was a great instructor, very professional but kept it amusing! Smiled so hard my teeth went cold”

Max – 20-5-15

“The Instructors were excellent”

Simon – 29-5-15

“Excellent – The weather was well planned”

Rodger – 29-5-15

“Excellent instructors, made the course interesting & enjoyable “

Jane – 29-5-15

“A very good course for the novice, a must do”

Paul - 30-4-15

“Fantastic Course, no unanswered questions & great experience in the practical Sessions”

Max – 29-4-15

“The course was excellently presented and thoroughly enjoyable. Both practical and theory elements were well taught and I can’t wait to put the knowledge gained into practice. Thoroughly recommended”

Nick – 29-4-15

“Kevin was patent and pleasant and very knowledgeable, Thank you”


“Nice friendly staff. Loved the practical elements”

Emily – 14-4-15

“I feel the course was brilliant for anyone that wants to pursue either leisure or commercial interests in powerboating, it was amazing and fun.”

Sam – 14-4 15

“Overall a very good and instructive course, very enjoyable and made me eager to learn”

Luke – 14-4-15

“Very Enjoyable Course”

Barry – 15-4-15

“Really enjoyed it, very good explanations of how to do things. Good day a lot covered.”

Emma – 12-4-15

“An excellent course with all aspects of basic boat usage covered”

Dean – 9-4-15

“Good course, content very good and well presented. Good Equipment Provided.”

Paul – 12-4-15

“Luke is able to make pretty detailed information interesting, good balance between seriousness and enjoyment”

Graham – 26-2-15

“Informative – detailed course well presented.  Many thanks”

Kevin - 26-2-15

“Excellent presentation, relationship between serious subject and relaxing participant’s excellent, very skilled instructor.”

Graham – 23-2-15

“Friendly, learnt a lot at a good pace. Loved the practical, good pre course information.”

Flora – 23-2-15

“Encourage people who are going into commercial world (like myself diving) to do a one on one course, found this extremely beneficial”

Ben – 19-2-15

“Fantastic as always to do any course with them.”

Jack – 7-2-15

“Excellent course and Luke was very knowledgeable. Instruction was tailored to my ability and Luke was very patient. I would recommend this course to anyone going on the water. I really enjoyed this two day course with Plymouth powerboat school.”

Michelle – 17-2-15

“Wanted more time on the water, I just Enjoyed it too much”

Adam – 25-1-15

“A most enjoyable and informative 2 days. Good explanations and tuition. Ample practical experience of practical boat handling”

Chris – 25-2-15

“Very good course with very good instructors”

Paul – 25-1-15

“Very enjoyable. Weather was spot on”

Josh – 25-1-15

“Very Helpful Instructor with course content at right level for experience”

Matt – 15-12-14

“Excellent course – Thank you”

Chris – 15-12-14

“Started as a complete novice with zero experience after two days training feel very comfortable”


“An enjoyable course that was presented well. Will definitely do another course here”

Eli – 14-12-14

“Course was thoroughly enjoyable, I learnt heaps & it was taught in an engaging way”

Pauline - 11-12-14

“Paul was really useful”

Alexander – 06-12-14

“I think the course was perfectly suited to me and enjoyed it thoroughly”

Alex – 06-12-14

“Liked the teaching aids, Luke had a lovely way at dealing with students”

Matt – 04-12-14


Ariana – 04-12-14

“Excellent course, a lot crammed into 2 days for new starters but well delivered and good atmosphere”

Lewis – 23-11-2014

“Great fun!”

Elliot – 23-11-2014

“both instructors were very interesting & informative – I really enjoyed the whole course”

Hannah  – 16-11-14

“both kevin & Luke were very informative & very clear in explaining instructions. Very friendly & interesting, happy to recommend”

Clyve– 16-11-2014

“number of students excellent overall delivery of course fun but still highly professionally delivered”

Paul -  08-11-14

“would be interested in having more time on the water & high speed handling.”

Chris  – 4-11-14

“Brilliant school, lovely customer service and overall perfect experience”

Bradley  – 23-10-14

“ I came to the UK and specifically Plymouth powerboat school because while I live and work on the cote d’azure I wanted to learn the appropriate skills and knowledge . I did”

Shaun  – 31-10-14

“Great course, very informative, instructors were very knowledgeable and excellent tuition”

Hannah – 28-10-14

“I thought that the school was very professional and had good presentation”

Matt 23-10-14

“awesome course. Learnt a lot over the 2 days”

Kyle  – 2-11-14

“good facilities, instructors both had good knowledge, well presented”

Mary – 2 -11-14

“Very Good Course”.

David – 02/10/2014

“This was an amazing course! I was very nervous about the night passage, but it turned out to be the best part”.

John – 30/09/2014

“Very intensive course, but have learnt so much, Kevin has the patience of a saint”.

Lisa – 28/09/2014

“Lots to take in over the week but very good, Kevin was very understanding”.

Nick – 28/09/2014

“Good quality of boat”.

Cailean – 26/09/2014

“Well-structured course, very enjoyable”.

Lisa – 06/09/2014

“It’s all good”.

Nick – 06/09/2014

“Our Instructor was great, I really enjoyed the course over the few days. It is always good to get on with the teacher and I did. I highly recommend to others”.

Alfie – 05/09/2014

“Had a great couple of days, Luke taught us well, would recommend to others”.

Karin – 05/09/2014

“Enjoyed very much”.

Sam – 05/09/2014

“Very Good”

Stephen – 04/09/2014

“Great school, friendly and happy to help, course delivered in a professional and friendly manner”.

Dan – 28/08/2014

“Had a fantastic time, learnt a lot, especially as I am not a water-bird, course and subject couldn’t fault”.

Kathy – 24/08/2014

“Surprisingly really enjoyed the course, harder than I expected, instructor was great, made me feel comfortable”.

Hayley – 24/08/2014

“Very good course, excellent instruction”.

James – 24/08/2014

“Very enjoyable course and learnt some new and very useful techniques”.

Chris – 24/08/2014

“Really good course, great Instructor, learned useful skills”.

Tom – 24/08/2014

“Teaching methods didnt quite suite personal learning style at certain times”.

Tori – 24/08/2014

“Very enjoyable course, time given to answering questions on a range of subject over and above course content, very knowledgeable”.

Paul – 19/08/2014

“Relaxed and Informative environment”.

Laurence – 19/08/2014

“Not change the course, great as it was”.

Sam – 19/08/2014

“A really great course, made relevant to our needs, in a relaxed environment where questions are actively encouraged”.

Laurence – 16/08/2014

“Really good enjoyable course, great instructor”.

Emma – 06/08/2014

“Excellent day, good to practice boat handling”

Beth – 04/08/2014

“Enjoyed It”

Rachel – 04/08/2014

“Learnt a lot and enjoyed myself”.

Carol – 04/08/2014

“Keep doing what you’re doing”.

Tom – 31/07/2014

“Instruction very professionally done in all aspects”.

John – 31/07/2014

“Very good instructor, time well spent whilst covering everything fast. Enjoyed the whole course and would want to return again”.

Lizzie – 31/07/2014

“All very good”

Kelvin- 25/07/2014

“Perhaps course weather slightly more, spend more time on the subject”.

Kenan – 25/07/2014

“Nice and relaxed, no pressure”

Duncan – 24/07/2014

“I had a great instructor, very easy to get on with”.

Gary – 22/07/2014

“I thought the course was well presented, I have no criticisms, I am keen to come back here for advanced courses”.

Chris – 20/07/2014

“Thank you for your time, I feel that I have gained great knowledge about powerboats”.

Monique – 20/07/2014

“I feel it would have been better over a two day course”.

Mr Golden – 14/07/2014

“Could do with a two day course due to the amount of content covered”.

Matthew – 11/07/2014

“All good”.

Kelvin – 10/07/2014

“Very impressed with instructors knowledge and he made the course relevant to each person’s situation”.

James – 10/07/2014

“The course was really good with both in class and practical, would have liked to have a go in both RIB’s”.

Darren – 10/07/2014

“Fully enjoyed the course and highly recommend the course. Could have done with another day to practice manoeuvres more”.

Matthew – 10/07/2014

“Had an absolutely brilliant couple of days, Callum’s knowledge and guidance was top notch and couldn’t be more grateful, many thanks”.

Charlie – 09/07/2014

“Logical steps (sequence) of planning would be handy”.

Richard – 08/07/2014

“Will need to practice the GPS & C.O.G. procedures, this was completely new to me”.

Simon – 08/07/2014

“Great course, very well presented in a relaxed manner. There was more focus on practical elements which was good. Will be back again soon”.

John – 08/07/2014

“Instructor had time to explain certain answers to fellow course members on being asked”.

Roger- 01/07/2014

“Excellent course structure, instructor was great and very knowledgeable”.

Olly – 01/07/2014

“More formal visual aids perhaps reduce scope of course”.

Ron – 01/07/2014

“Nice if you gave a free pen, key ring or relevant gadget to powerboating”.

Steve – 28/06/2014

“Excellent course very informative”.

Darren – 27/06/2014

“Luke was a very good instructors, his knowledge is extremely extensive. Would recommend to friends”.

Jan – 27/06/2014

“Great course, with good instruction, well-paced and not overloaded for first time boater”.

Philip – 27/06/2014

“Course couldn’t have been better for me”.

Gareth – 25/06/2014

“I feel the course should be a day longer to help with students that are behind and day skipper theory is a must!”.

John – 20/06/2014

“Was a brilliant week”.

Steven – 20/06/2014

“Course pushed me to achieve a high standard of practical knowledge”.

Luke – 20/06/2014

“Great location, very thoroughly thought out lesson plans which Kevin worked hard to change every night to compensate the speed at which we were learning. No negatives from my whole experience”.

Nick – 20/06/2014

“The course was well taught and enjoyable”.

John – 13/06/2014

“Both Luke and Callum presented both days very well, light hearted but knowledgeable”.

Anthony – 13/06/2014

“Luke and Callum were both very excellent in knowledge and practical abilities as well”.

Michael – 13/06/2014

“Excellent course, good equipment and facilities and will recommend to others”.

Colin – 13/06/2014

“Excellent course, plenty or practical experience, calm and professional tutors”.

Enys – 13/06/2014

“We had a great 2 days that have reduced faults that have plagued my whole boating life, thanks guys”.

Steve – 13/06/2014

“Good course instruction which filled my objectives”.

Alan – 11/06/2014

“Good Instructor”.

David – 11/06/2014

“This course was very useful, I advise anyone to do it. Very well put across, a must for novices like myself”.

Steve – 10/06/2014

“Great 2 days, Thank you”.

Bruce – 08/06/2014

“Great instructing from the staff, I would recommend the course to anyone”.

Rob – 05/06/2014

“Maybe have more time on the water”.

Angharad – 05/06/2014

“Very informative and practical course that exceeded expectation”.

John – 03/06/2014

“Only thing I would have found extra is actually recovering and launching from a trailer”.

John – 03/06/2014

“Facilities really good, video/photo aids could be used? Or video on website to show what’s covered”.

James – 03/06/2014

“Possibly enquire what radio the student has ahead of the course so they can train on same kit”.

Charles – 03/06/2014

“Had a good time overall, Luke was good with all information, would recommend to friends”.

Perry – 01/06/2014

“Generally very good course, feel much more confident that I can handle the boat, would have been nice to have more time on the water”.

Tom – 01/06/2014

“Great all round couple of days, feel confident now and our course instructor was very fair and kept it fun”.

William – 01/06/2014

“All staff of the school were extremely helpful, Luke was very patient and very helpful instructor”.

Carol – 23/05/2014

“Course was presented in a constructed manner which was easy to understand”.

Mark – 21/05/2014

“Luke was an interesting and helpful teacher, often stressing the importance of listening to information given. Also planning is essential”.

Nick – 20/05/2014

“Great course, lots of relevant information”

Giles – 16/05/2014

“Excellent course, well presented”

Chris – 16/05/2014

“Excellent course, advice on pre-course reading would be good”.

Alan – 08/05/2014

“Thoroughly enjoyed the 2 day course and wouldn’t hesitate to use the school again for future courses”.

Oliver – 08/05/2014

“The course was well balanced and covered all my requirements and proved very enjoyable”.

Colin – 08/05/2014

“Great course, needed to be done”

Peter – 03/05/2014

“Very good, a lot to take in but worth it”.

David – 02/05/214

“I came with an open mind having not owned a boat and really enjoyed the course. Now thinking about buying a boat, great 2 days”.

Robert – 02/05/2014

“Really friendly and informative course, taught things that as a boat owner should have already known but didn’t”.

Philip – 02/05/2014

“Enjoyed It”

Andrew – 02/05/2014

“250 hp RIB was awesome”.

Robert - 30/04/2014

“Course was excellent felt at ease with instructor (Luke) he was very knowledgeable, good at passing that across in the classroom and on the water”.

David – 30/04/2014

“Send Itinerary or reminder two weeks before courses is due to commence for mutable courses”

Laura – 30/04/2014

“Thanks for fitting me in”.

Tom – 28/04/2014

“Training is very good and it gave you confidence”.

Anthony – 25/04/2014

“Very Good”.

Lenard – 25/04/2014

“Good course, good mixture of training, if getting a boat for the first time a good course to do”.

Robert – 25/04/2014

“Excellent course and venue”

Lewis – 22/04/2014

“Excellent course, enjoyed learning new skills, recommended for all boat users”

Gary – 17/04/2014

“First class course every boat owner should attend it”

David – 17/04/2014

“Excellent course instructors very good, he put the course across so you learn and understand”

Sean – 17/04/2014

“Advanced exam was well coordinated and Paul was great. Thanks for organising the course and for the help”

Alex – 16/04/2014

“Kevin Baskott is an excellent instructor who pushes you to use your own initiative and keep your own confidence. Perfect for commanding a vessel”

James – 16/04/2014

“Very good don’t change anything”

Jason – 13/04/2014


Lifuk – 13/04/2014

“It was a very good course and I felt I learnt a lot from the instructor’s knowledge”

David – 11/04/2014

“Very enjoyable course, learnt a lot of things about various subjects ie, safety, boats, tides, weather, which I never knew previously. Kept me interested for the whole of the course as was very educational and also very fun at the same time”

 Matt – 11/04/2014

“Excellent presentation, teaching and equipment. Course gave me exactly what I required, thoroughly enjoyable”

Rupert – 11/04/2014

“Course was set at a good pace with details regarded so that different levels of understanding was met”

Michael – 01/04/2014

“The Course was very good and the instructor is first class”

Mark – 01/04/2014

“I’m leaving very happy with the course and my instructor”

Danny – 27/03/2014

“Well put together, very informative”.

David – 17/03/2014

“Course was very informative and well run within a good place. Facilities and equipment with the use of real radios was also a big plus point”.

Rich – 17/03/2014

“Some pre-course ‘homework’ e.g. on buoys and rope work would probably be beneficial”

Harriet – 16/3/14

“Very good course, covered everything”

David – 16/3/14

“A successful course, exceeded expectations, my gratitude to the people involved”

Duncan – 13/3/14

“Loved It”

Charlie – 09/03/2014

“Would be hard to find an instructor with more knowledge and who can explain things in an easy to understand terms”.

Elliott – 09/03/2014

“Excellent course, well-constructed and delivered”.

Mike – 09/03/2014

“Course was well presented and easy to follow”.

Hayley – 08/03/2014

“I really enjoyed the way the instructor kept increasing my confidence bit by bit until he had me doing things by the end of the day I’d expected to be beyond me”.

John – 07/03/2014

“Hayley and Luke are very helpful, friendly and knowledgably. Are a great team and happy to help in anyway”.

Kristy – 07/03/2014

“Excellent instructor - friendly, helpful and extremely knowledgeable”

Kenan – 21/02/2014

“Great Course”

Hilton – 21/02/2014

“Course was completed at a comfortable and organised speed”

Joe – 18/02/2014

“The course was conducted safely and in a friendly environment”

Joseff – 02/02/2014

“Thank you very much for being so helpful in organising this course before the end of the year”

Holly – 30/12/2013

Very good school, more than enough content covered in the course”

Darek - 23/10/2013

“Really good course, friendly and relaxed atmosphere with no pressure, wouldn’t change a thing”

Danny – 23/10/2013

“Helps build confidence, shows safety, how to drive a boat correctly at sea, now shown I will always drive safe at sea”

Kristy – 23/10/2013

“I gained so much from the course, so much more than I expected”

Daena – 1/10/2013

“Could not improve, Luke (instructor) was very professional, bubbly and a pleasure to be taught by”

Gavin – 1/10/2013

 “Course was excellent and content was right for the level, good hands on tuition”

Elfred – 1/10/2013

“Very Practical and informative course”

Colin – 20/09/2013

“Excellent Course, really enjoyed, Thank you”

Joseph – 12/09/2013

“Instructor very good, easy to understand, very patient and knowledgeable. Gave you confidence”

Tracey – 20/07/2013

“Luke was direct, easy to listen to and the course was great”

Ben – 21/06/2013

“The whole course was great, Luke was very knowledgeable and taught at the students paces, would love for him to teach me again on another course. RIB was fantastic”

Nick – 21/06/2013

“Was patient with my learning style”

Esther – 19/05/2013

“Great Course, Thank you”

Richard – 21/04/2013

“Really good course, really enjoyed the RIB”

Jack – 03/04/2013

“I particularly appreciated the way the time on the RIB/water was maximised”

Sue – 03/04/2013

“Very helpful and enjoyable course”

Alice – 03/04/2013

“Really enjoyed the course and cannot wait to get on the water”

Tom – 03/04/2013

“Thought the course was very well presented”

Duncan – 22/02/2013

“Felt very much part of the team, as I’m young”

Joe – 22/02/2013

“Course was very nice, thank you”

Aden  – 13/01/2013

“Excellent course”

Stuart – 16/12/2012

“Brilliant course, thoroughly enjoyed and good value for money”

John – 16/09/2012

“Good Course”

Craig – 09/07/2012

“Great course, well taught, really enjoyable even if the weather was not”

Jen – 12/07/2012

“Impressive teaching, very good coverage in right amount of time”

Christopher – 12/07/2012

“Content was delivered very well and at an appropriate level, very enjoyable course regardless of the weather”

Nicola – 12/07/2012

“Friendly and relaxed pace, informative and enjoyable”

Simon – 17/02/2012

“A really good balance of theory and practical”

Simon – 23/01/2012

“Had a great time and learnt a great deal”
Jacob – 13/07/2011

“Luke (instructor) was brilliant, patient and very helpful”

Felicity – 22/07/2011

“Enjoyed the course, feel more safe and confident on the water”

Paul – 20/08/2011

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course, thank you”

Andy – 27/08/2011

“Brilliant course, Jon (instructor) was a delight”

Louise – 28/10/2010

“Great fun two days, thank you”

Tony – 24/10/2010

“Would recommend to friends”

Allan – 08/10/2011

“Very happy, excellent tuition”

Helen – 26/09/2010

“Very patient and enjoyable”

William – 16/09/2010

“Very good fun, really enjoyed course”

Jan – 07/09/2010

“All good”

Mark – 21/08/2010

“Excellent learning course”

Mike – 21/08/2010

“All very enjoyable and helpful”
Brian – 08/09/2010

“Good content, very good instructor”

David – 10/07/2010

“Thank you very much”

Anna – 11/07/2010

“Very good, Jon (instructor) gave me confidence in my ability”

Helen – 29/06/2010

“Very good, thank you”

Marcos – 25/06/2010

“Well taught an enjoyable course”

Chelsea – 16/06/2010

“Excellent course, thoroughly enjoyed it”

Joe – 08/04/2010

“Course was excellent”

Jacob – 31/03/2010

“Excellent course”

Oliver – 31/03/2010

“Excellent course”

Oliver – 31/03/2010

“Fantastic time, wonderful people and fantastic course”

Sarah – 01/11/2009

“Everyone was really helpful and the course was well run”

Belinda -18/09/2009

“Course does exactly what it says on the tin”

John – 10/11/2009


“I found the course both interesting and informative, presentation was excellent”

Lee – 11/10/2009

“All very good, very happy”

Jonathon – 20/09/2009

“Very good”

David – 20/09/2009

“Really enjoyed the way course was delivered”

Kieran – 11/09/2009

“Enjoyable two day course”

Julie – 11/09/2009

“Amazing experience and a good skill to learn”

Joshua – 02/09/2009

“Very good, excellent value for the course taught”

Paul – 15/08/2009

“Good Course”

Steve – 15/08/2009

“Excellent course, fun and very informative”

Tom – 15/08/2009

“Excellent course really enjoyed it, looking forward to next one”

Tara – 18/08/2009

“Great course, enjoyed every minute”

Alex – 07/08/2009

“Very Satisfactory”

Ben – 07/08/2009

“All the team was very helpful and cheerful”

Richard – 28/07/2009

“Course was very good”

Miles – 19/07/2009

“All Good”

Eddy – 17/09/2009

“Very good course, I would recommend it”

Ed – 15/07/2009

“Had an amazing time, enjoyed the whole course”

Becci – 15/07/2009

“Fun, enjoyable and learned a lot, thank you”

George – 15/07/2009

“Great approach to the course, different RIBs useful”

Jon – 15/07/2009

“Very good course”

Tracey – 20/07/2009

“A very good course, learnt more than expected”

Richard – 03/07/2009

“Great Course”
Xavier – 20/06/2009

“Thank you for all the patience and help”

Christine – 20/06/2009

“The course was very well structured”

Rob – 14/06/2009

“Very good Instructor”

Peter – 11/06/2009

“Great fun, instruction was both enjoyable and knowledgeable”

Xavier – 31/05/2009

“Very good”

Oliver – 12/05/2009

“Good course”

Ian – 29/05/2009

“The course builds individual confidence; I feel this is very important”

Isla – 23/05/2009

“Very friendly and helpful”

George – 24/04/2009

“Course was really useful and enjoyable”

Jill – 23/04/2009

“Good hands on teaching, instructor (Kevin) was very informative and patient”

Richard – 20/03/2009

“Very good course”

Ray – 23/02/2009


David – 19/02/2009

“Very good course”

Ray – 23/02/2009

“Instructor was very kind, thank you for a well presented course”

Mahmut – 02/01/2009

“Very useful course”

Anna – 23/11/2008

“Very enjoyable”

Julie – 22/10/2008

“Spot on”

Terry – 20/10/2008

“A polite and cheerful team”

Mark – 26/09/2008

“Instructor was pleasant, an enjoyable course”

Nicholas – 26/09/2008

“More RYA schools should be of this standard, many thanks”

Cyrill – 19/09/2008

“All parts of the course were excellent”

Colin – 12/08/2008

“Thank you for being very patient with my needs”

Darren – 21/08/2008

“Really good, can’t wait to do the next level”

Dominic – 28/08/2008

“Great fun, thank you”

James – 18/08/2008

“Great fun”

Edward – 13/08/2008

“Really enjoyed the course, very hands on, great instructor very knowledgeable”

Jo – 20/07/2008

“Great course, would recommend to others”

Alex – 18/07/2008

“All good”

James – 10/07/2008

“Excellent course”

Lizzie – 10/07/2008

“Course was really well run and the instructor was very patient”

Charlie – 08/07/2008

“An enjoyable and informative course”

Chris – 17/06/2008

“Very good”

Phil – 07/06/2008

“Thank you”

Neil – 07/06/2008

“Made you feel very comfortable, excellent course”

Shaun – 08/06/2008

“Great course enjoyed it a lot”

Phil – 05/06/2008

“Excellent course, thank you”

James – 31/05/2008

“Fantastic course, learnt what I needed to be safe on the water”

Theresa – 31/05/2008

“Very good course, enjoyable weekend”

Rowen – 25/05/2008

“Very informative, enjoyed the course”

Claire – 18/05/2008

“Great team, very enjoyable and practical course”

Tony – 16/05/2008

“Very pleasant and friendly”

Ann – 16/05/2008

“A very well organised course”

Charles – 16/05/2008

“Course was great fun, instructor was excellent, will be back”

Louis – 3/05/2008

“Very good presented course, friendly and professional team”

Graham – 01/05/2008

“Excellent course, instructor knowledgeable and easy to be taught by”

Glen – 18/04/2008

“A really well run course”

Charlie – 18/04/2008

“Excellent course, great fun”

Glenn – 06/04/2008

“Very well run course”

Sebastian – 31/03/2008